The volunteer training course has been designed to help you understand the requirements and responsibilities of a mandated reporter in California.

This program will provide an overview of the significant definitions, requirements and protections of the California Child Abuse & Neglect Reporting Act.

The Volunteer Training Module for Child Abuse Mandated Reporter Training - California is a two hour training that includes four sections. Each section will conclude with practice test questions or vignettes. This is a stand-alone training that does not require completion of the general training course or an exam.

You will Learn
  • How the law defines child abuse and neglect
  • What the law requires of a mandated reporter
  • What protections the law provides for a mandated reporter
  • How to spot evidence of child abuse
  • How to report child abuse
  • What happens after a report is filed

The Volunteers Training course may take you up to 2 hours to complete. You will receive a certificate for your records upon completion of the training.

Volunteers Training

The volunteer training module is a condensed, non-profession specific, and should be taken by those who volunteer with children.

 2 Hours


Upon completion of trainingyou will be issued a certificate, which will serve as proof of your completion of this training.

What people are saying.

As a working mom with a 4-year old, I appreciated how simple and easy-to-use this training was. It made it very easy for me to get the certification I needed and helped me understand a very valuable subject matter. 

Melissa Zimmerman, parent and volunteer, Lincoln

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