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In California, certain professionals are required by law to report known or suspected child abuse. As professionals who often work with young children, these mandated reporters are in a unique position to identify maltreatment, abuse and neglect.

The Child Abuse Mandated Reporter Training Project provides free training for all mandated child abuse reporters so they may carry out their responsibilities properly.

The Child Abuse Mandated Reporter Training Project is funded by the California Department of Social Services (CDSS) and Office of Child Abuse Prevention (OCAP).

The Child Protective Services is the major system of intervention of child abuse and neglect in California. The Office of Child Abuse Prevention (OCAP) administers federal grants, contracts, and state programs designed to promote best practices and innovative approaches to child abuse prevention, intervention and treatment. The OCAP serves as a statewide source of information, developing and disseminating educational material regarding prevention/early intervention programs, activities, and research.

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It's my responsibility. I spend a lot of time with them. I may be the only one who notices - the only one who can make a difference.  

Mr. Smithfield, 4th Grade Teacher, Santa Rosa, CA

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